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Types Of Material Used In Making Motorcycle Vests

The motorcycle is considered to be one of the most universally used vehicles on the planet. Not only are they compact and fuel efficient, as well as fast and easy to get around. Not to mention there is an obvious cool factor associated with a man riding a motorcycle. But along with all these pros, there is one negative that goes against motorcycles: And that would be how prone riders are to injury. One way to protect people is by wearing a motorcycle biker vest. Leather vests for motorcycle riders may give help to protect the motorcyclist from all types of dangers from abrasion to fire. And the various types of materials used for these motorcycle vests have a lot to do with it. The below article would enumerate some of the materials used in motorcycle vests and jackets.

1. Leather – Far and away, this is the most popular material used for motorcycle jackets. Mainly because leather can offer an immense amount of protection to biker. Leather has an excellent ability to protect the biker from abrasions during a crash. Another important note is that they are naturally weather resistant, and can provide protection from rain and wind. Lastly, they look stylish, making leather vests a proper choice for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. Historically, different types of leather have been used for manufacturing these vests, the most common ones are made from cowhide. Exotic leathers such as kangaroo and horse are also becoming popular choices for some.

2. Cordura- Ballistic nylon is becoming a very popular alternative for motorcycle vests, and there is a reason for that. Cordura is used in all kinds of applications ranging from military clothing to bags. Cordura is highly sought after, due to its abrasion resistance and durability. Therefore lots of motorcycle safety gear is crafted using Cordura for these reasons.

3. Kevlar is another example of material that is used to make vests. It is a synthetic material initially designed to replace steel in car tires. The use of this material has now transitioned to various products ranging from drumheads to body armor. This is widely used for motorcycle vests because of its high tensile strength. Not only does it provide great protection for its wearer, but it’s also resistant to both extreme heat and cold.

4. Waxed cotton- This high-density material is one of the first materials used for manufacturing motorcycle vests. Mostly because it has incredibly high weather resistance. Not only can it deflect wind and water, but it also provides adequate protection from extreme temperatures.

Materials used for various mc vests have constantly evolved over the years. Innovations ranging from fireproofing to localized padding on impact regions. Motorcycle vests, in combination with helmets and gloves, help in ensuring maximum driver safety. Those written about in this article are some of the most popular materials used. Some vests even use a combination of these materials to create the best protective vest possible. A combination of these materials can provide contact resistance, weather proofing, comfort, light weight, and durability; characteristics that are essential for any rider.

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