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The Magnaflow Exhaust

One of the most important parts of a motor vehicle is the exhaust. It has to be kept in good condition to ensure that the vehicle runs well. Magnaflow Exhaust is one of the best exhaust systems available in the market. The company provides a wide variety of systems, designed to work with almost type of vehicle. Composed of tubing intended for driving out exhaust gases produced during controlled combustion inside the engine, it aids in the removal of the waste gases to streamline the gas mileage, horsepower and the general performance of the engine.

Magnaflow Performance Gas Exhaust

The Magnaflow Performance Gas Exhaust is made completely from stainless steel. This system delivers a smooth performance, and increases the horsepower of the rear wheel. This Magnaflow exhaust is also popular for its simple installation, without the trouble of welding the parts.

Diesel Exhaust

The Magnaflow diesel exhaust also has the same features of a gas system. It provides performance gains related to torque and horse power. It also consists of bolt-on installation, again with no hassle of having to solder everything when installing it.

Magnaflow DPF Diesel Exhaust

The company also provides the Magnaflow DPF Diesel Exhaust. This is dyno tested and is known drastically improve the performance of the engine in terms of torque and horsepower. This system is also very easy to install and is created by using mandrel bent piping with stainless steel for a smooth exhaust flow.

Magnaflow Cat Back

Magnaflow cat back exhaust makes use of restriction-free, fast-flowing 409 stainless steel tubing with overlapped welding at each joint which provides leak-proof quality of durability. They decrease engine heat, ease back pressure and improve exhaust scavenging for greater fuel efficiency and extra power.

Custom-engineered for a car’s specific model, make and year, the no-weld, bolt-on installation needs only easy hand tools and attaches directly to the factory mounting positions, offering immediate boosts to horsepower and torque. Magnaflow exhaust (cat-back) is also insured by lifetime warranty and boasts of adhering to 50 state smog compliance.

Catalytic Converters

Other wholesale magnaflow exhaust items comprise of catalytic converters. One of the converters is known as the Magnaflow direct fit catalytic converter. This converter is created by using stainless steel. It offers an easy bolt and has been designed to precise original specifications of the equipment. There is no requirement of tube bending, cutting and welding for this product.

When one talk about performance exhaust then Magnaflow exhaust is definitely the name that comes to mind. The thick acoustical-absorbing material inside the Magnaflow muffler filters out the off-key vibrations and jarring noises, emitting a throaty, smooth growl. Made compulsory by law in several different states, the muffler’s task is to reduce the noise and force created by the running engine. The muffler tends to reduce pulsations produced by the exhaust gases while letting the spent gases pass obstruction free through the exhaust system. To minimize unwanted noise, mufflers are creased with fiber mat, wool or fiberglass, offering a shielded sound barrier. All of this happens while keeping away from extreme back pressure. Back pressure decreases performance and power, acting as an unintended brake against the engine.

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