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The Key Achievements Of The Cessna 180

The Cessna 180 was a key achievement in the world of aviation. And perhaps one of the most well loved success stories in aviation history came even before the global success of the Cessna planes.

With the innovative thinking of Clyde Cessna in June 1911, the farmer from Kansas built a small aircraft made of wood and some fabric and successfully became the first person to fly the plane between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains. This paved the way for the start of the Cessna Aircraft Company based in Wichita, Kansas. Although a number of people would always regard the Wallace brothers for its global success when they took over the company in 1934.

Although no longer in production these days, the Cessna 180 aircraft was a four or six seater plane that has a fixed conventional gear. This specific design was commonly known as the Skywagon, which first flew in May of 1952 under test pilot William Thompson.

Based on its design, the Cessna 180 had an all metal airframe and is most known for its conventional arrangement for its landing gear which are made of steel springs with a tail wheel on a steel tube. Depending on the year when it was built, there were 180 models that have two or three side windows.

The Cessna 180 also became worldly renowned after the first woman pilot who travelled around the world used this aircraft for her expedition. The very same plane, which was affectionately called as the Spirit of Columbus was acquired by the Cessna company and is now on display at the National Air and Space Museum.

Although this plane is highly popular to service charter flights operated by small companies, the Cessna 180 was also extensively used as training and service aircrafts for some military units in various countries. This includes the Royal Australian Airforce, Israeli Airforce, the Royal Thai Navy and the Uruguayan Air Force to name a few.

Aside from military use, the Cessna 180 aircraft is also a popular model for collectors of small and light aircraft. There are collectors who would want a Cessna 180 for its historical value and considering that these are no longer manufactured, then it makes it a prized collection for most. Aside from this, there were only around 6,000 aircrafts that were originally manufactured as Cessna 180 models.

While there are those who collect light aircrafts and use them in some short distance flights. For the latter kind of collectors, it is best if you can get a full historical data of the Cessna 180 aircraft before purchasing it for safety purposes. The most important things to keep in mind are the kind of repairs the aircraft has gone through and the aging of some of its mechanical parts.

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